Top 10 Best Meat Grinders To Buy In 2017

Using a meat grinder can bring a lot of benefits and savings to your home kitchen. You can make up your own burger blends for tacos, chili and grilled hamburgers with the ground meat. You will have the freedom to add additional flavors and make the most out of what you have on hand when you own a meat grinder. On the market, you will find different types of meat grinders. It is best that you choose the best one if you want to be assured of value for your money. The following are the best 10 that will definitely not disappoint you.

10. Weston Heavy Duty Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

Weston #10 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

This meat grinder is well made and very sturdy. It features an ergonomically designed handle that turns effortlessly when you are grinding meat with it. Other features include adjustable burrs that allow for both coarse and fine grind control and damage preventing rubber pads that make it safe for use even on delicate work surfaces. Its clamp on style attaches easily on any countertop.

9. Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder

With this grinder, the possibilities are endless. Besides grinding meat, you can also use it for grinding beans, vegetables or garlic. Using it is easy. You just need to turn the hand crank and it will handle the rest. It comes with a free bowl included and it is very clean. It is dishwasher safe.

8. Norpro Meat Grinder

Besides being a meat grinder, this kitchen tool can also be used a meat mincer and pasta maker. It is also ideal for grinding nuts, beans and many vegetables. It comes with two screens which include the fine mincing plate and coarse mincing plate. Other features include a secure suction base, locking key and three pasta attachments that include spaghetti, rigatoni and linguine.

7. CucinaPro 265-12 Meat Grinder

This meat grinder features a heavy duty cast iron construction that makes it long lasting. It was designed with the home user in mind. Besides grinding meat, you can also use it for chopping all kinds of fresh and dried fruits as well as vegetables. It is very easy to use and it has coarse and medium cutting disks that allow you to grind meat to the size of your choice.

6. CHARD HG-22 Tin Coated Cast Iron Hand Grinder

This meat grinder is built using heavy duty cast iron that guarantees you many years of dependable service. It features an oversized thumb screw that allows you to remove or attach the handle easily. Its poly handle is very easy to clean and would not split or splinter when you are using the grinder. The unit disassembles to allow you to clean it up quickly and easily.

5. Ziggler Meat Grinder

This grinder allows you to grind your meat effortlessly. It allows you to grind and mince vegetables and make pasta. It is equipped with two stainless steel screens that include the coarse mincing plate and the fine mincing plate. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It features a great quality that will not disappoint no matter how long you use it.

4. Sunmile G35 UL S/S Meat Grinder


This meat grinder features a powerful motor that allows you to grind generous portions of meats as quickly and easily as possible. The motor is also durable, so you can be using it time after time without any problems. It has a removable meat tray that holds a large amount of meat to simplify the grinding process. It is very easy to operate and is built to last.

3. SHINKODA SK-323 Manual Meat Grinder, Mincer, Pasta Maker And Sausage Stuffer


This grinder has a secure suction base and locking key, and it comes with two screens for coarse and fine mincing. Besides meat, other foods that you can grind with it include nuts, chili, sausages, noodles and so on. It is very easy to use and clean.

2. LEM Stainless Steel Clamp-on Meat Grinder


This grinder features a heavy duty, all steel construction that makes it very durable. There is a wide opening on the clamp that allows you to mount it on almost any table or countertop. Other features include a stainless steel knife, two stainless steel plates and a set of three stuffing tubes. It is rust resistant and very easy to clean.

1. Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Heavy Duty Meat Grinder


This meat grinder is well built and very powerful. It features a metal Hooper, Auger as well as stainless steel cutting blades that all assure you of healthy grounded meat products. Other important features include a built-in circuit breaker, sausage attachment and a recipe book. It is very easy to operate and clean.

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