Top 10 Best Desk Lamps To Buy In 2016

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, buying a desk lamp is something that you should consider. Besides offering you superior illumination, the desk lamp can also offer you less energy consumption as well as a longer operational life compared to a conventional incandescent lamp. When you search on the internet or check an electronics store near you, you will find a wide range of models and styles of these lamps. Here are the best 10 that you should consider buying in 2016.

10. MarsLG Anti-Glare LED Desk Lamp

MarsLG Anti-Glare 5 Watt LED Desk Lamp


This desk lamp gives off nice and bright light. It is just the perfect size and provides the right amount of light for a small desktop. It features flexible positioning that makes it suitable for use in the bedroom, office and even at school. Other features include a simple On and Off toggle switch and anti-glare LED reading light. It provides non-flickering light that ensures stress-free productivity and enjoyment when you are using it.

9. Alvin G2540-B Swing Arm Desk Lamp


If you are looking for the perfect light for your workstation, this desk lamp is what you need. It can easily clip onto almost any table. It can also clamp onto shelves as well as surfaces that are horizontal or vertical. It is equipped with a ventilated metal shade with double baffle for reducing glare, two-way mounting clamps for thick tables and spring balanced arms that can lock securely in any position. Its arm extends to thirty two inches.

8. Boston Harbor Flexible Clip-On Desk Lamp


With this lamp, you can have extra light in your bedroom, office and any other space that needs additional lighting. Its flexibility allows it to clip onto almost anywhere and be adjusted up to thirteen inches in height. It has a bullet style metal shade and uses a 60 watt maximum A19 bulb. It is generally well made and will be perfect for your needs.

7. Globe Electric 56963 Swing Arm Desk Lamp


This desk lamp is equipped with a spring loaded arm that is so convenient for directing light where it is needed. It will stay in its place no matter how you tilt it. Other features that make it outstanding include a durable metal clamp that allows you to mount it on any surface that is up to two inches wide and an On/Off switch that is conveniently located at the base for quick as well as easy use. It is great for work areas, offices and bedrooms.

6. SE FL89012L 12 LED Desk Lamp


This desk lamp is 8 inches tall and it features a pivoting neck that can be adjusted accordingly depending on how you want it to light your work space. It is provides bright light that is enough to illuminate your table or laptop while working so as avoid disturbing other people in the room. Its features include long lasting LED bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours and a push button that is equipped with an On/Off switch.

5. Ipow Rechargeable Flexible Clip-On Desk Lamp


This desk lamp provides enough light that helps you avoid straining your eyes when you are trying to read or work in the dark. It features an adjustable goose head that allows you to enjoy reading in comfort and a compact size that makes it ideal for use while in bed or while traveling. It features a non-slip padded clip that allows you to clamp it onto a laptop screen, a book, tablet device, flat screen monitor and so on.

4. Park Madison Lighting PMD-5614-31 Incandescent Desk Lamp


If you are looking for a desk lamp that is perfect for any desk or project, you may want to give this Park Madison desk lamp a try. It features an adjustable gooseneck column that gives you the freedom to position it in many different ways. It is compact and well made yet it does not take up a lot of space on your desk.

3. Brightsky LED Clip-On Desk Lamp


This desk lamp will provide the perfect bed reading light that you need. It uses LED bulbs that usually consume less energy and last longer compared to incandescent bulbs. It features an arm that is flexible enough to bend in any direction and sturdy enough to remain in the position that you have put it in. It is suitable for use in bedroom, office and school.

2. Normande Lighting GP3-796 13W CFL Desk Lamp


If you are looking for a small lamp for bedside or table reading, this Normande Lighting desk lamp will fit the bill perfectly. It measures 18 inches tall and features an adjustable neck that allows you to turn it so that it can direct light wherever you need it the most. It comes with an energy star bulb that lasts longer compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs.

1. TaoTronics Elune TT-DL08 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp


This desk lamp will be perfect to suit all your lighting needs. It features an adjustable arm that allows you to direct light wherever you want it easily and three-level touch dimming that allows you to adjust the brightness of light accordingly. If you usually fall asleep while reading, this lamp will be great for you. You simply need to tap on its sixty-minute timer button when you start feeling sleepy and it will automatically go off after 60 minutes.

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